Katya’s work investigates themes such as memory, identity, time, place, body the correlation and relationship between them. Some of the pieces are inspired by autobiographical memories, some seek to activate the viewer’s memory, and some rely on the ability of the medium to carry and preserve memories. These works reflect on the part all memories play in the construction of national and personal identity. A major part of Katya’s work involves and is inspired by the body, if it’s by the process of making art and the encounter in the material world, or by the use of the body as an image or as a container in order signify the pivotal role our body plays as a place and as an interface with the world.

Big Boy


I Killed My Fish- 2006

Hollow invitation

War Zone Cushion

Spinning Spine

Ten Commandments in braille

Via Dolorosa

The road not taken

Post colonialism

Straw widow