Post colonialism

‘First generation – Last Generation’ contains a video that explores a series of brief extracts from train journeys behind a frosted glass ‘screen’. These poetically evoke displacement and immigration, a metaphor that is also embodied in her adjacent works. On the wall, a series of embroidered latex skins refer to some of the artist’s family ongoing diasporic peregrinations . The navel is a central feature as it symbolizes the link between successive generations, and is also a potent form of scar tissue. The contours of various national borders have been tattoos on the epidermises, and evoke a patina of transnational crossings.
A wall shelf displays various glass and other objects. This eclectic and highly aesthetic ensemble is displayed in a manner that poetically (teases out) emphasizes the conjunctions between material and symbolic connection. A cast glass book contains a text by the Palestinian poet, Kamal Nasser (1925-1973). A replica of an elaborate Victorian trivet that would have used on an open fire to support a teapot, and an elegant brass hanging scale, with imperial measures, both allude to the formation and standardization of colonial knowledge.
Collectively her works investigate highly personal negotiations of multiple and transnational identities.