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The Signature Range
These beautiful glass pieces are made of 3 layers of sheet glass, silkscreen printed, fused and slumped. Each piece is fired three times, is hand made and unique. Most work include quotations by Virginia Woolf, T.S Eliot, Eleanor Roosevelt and others.

The Dine range
For a stylish, colourful and contemporary dinner table. These sets are printed and slumped 6mm glass.
Set sizes: 32cm, 24cm, 15cm
Centre plate: 46cm

Work is available through the following galleries:

Balman Gallery, Corbridge:

The Biscuit Factory Gallery, Newcastle:

Jane Fuest Gallery, Alresford:

Interior Style, Alresford:

The New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham:

Marine House at Beer, Devon:

National Glass Centre, Sunderland: