All human beings

“All human beings have three lives: public, private and secret” Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
This project consists of three capsules, each represents Public life, Private life and Secret life. The content of the capsules utilizes Olive tree; traditionally the Israeli symbol for hope and peace. In contemporary Israel, the olive tree became the symbol or the apple of discord of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict .Olive tree twigs in the transparent ‘Private’ capsule correspond to public life- visible and in light; Olive tree roots in the semi-transparent ‘Private’ capsule correspond to private life- known to some; paper notes in the opaque ‘Secret’ capsule correspond to secret life- hidden, buried and unknown. These paper notes reverberate on the Jewish tradition of placing paper slips containing written wishes into the Wailling Wall in Jerusalem, and their collection twice a year for burial on the nearby Mount of Olives

All Human Beings (have three lives: Public, Private and Secret)
Lead Crystal cast glass, Stainless steel, Olive tree twigs, Olive tree roots, paper
53 x 84 x 25 cm
Photo: David Lawson