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‘Pain Killers’ is an attempt to break apart the notion of identity in order to explore what constitutes individual identity. It consists of 8 kiln cast glass capsules that sit into routed slots in the plinth which is suggestive of a pill case. Each capsule (34cm x 12cm in diameter) is composed of two interlocked components, one clear and the other one is coloured. The negative space within the capsules contains and utilizes traces of human memory: hair, fingernails, map, twigs from olive tree, roots, latex cast of a naval and body ash. An identity number and a blood chemical analysis are written on the plinth. These all contribute to create a unique portrait of an individual.

Pain Killers; 2010
Lead Crystal cast glass, mix media
120 x 80 cm
Tyne and Wear Museums
Photo: Chris Blade
Pain KillersPain Killers